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Exhibition, 12. October 2013 — 26. January 2014 

(Deutsch) Olafur Eliasson – Eine Feier, elf Räume und ein gelber Korridor – Kaiserringträger der Stadt Goslar 2013

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In connexion with the prize, Olafur Eliasson has conceived an exhibition at the Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar. It has been conceived specifically for the building in which the museum is provisionally housed until May 2014, and plays with the relationship between inside and outside. At the same time it is a survey of Eliasson’s working methods in all their variety. Visitors get to the cabinet-like rooms of the museum via a long corridor which the artist has bathed in mono-frequency yellow light that reduces the beholder’s colour perception to the yellow and black regions of the spectrum. When visitors leave the corridor, the yellow light continues to have its effect by influencing, in a number of ways, the perception of the rooms hidden behind the closed doors.

While the artist’s space-embracing light and water experiments direct the focus of view towards the interior of the rooms, alterations in the windows bring the museum’s exterior indoors. A kaleidoscope opening to the outside, for example, fragments every image viewed into myriads of facets.

In addition, the exhibition displays series of photographs of Iceland, a country whose landscape and light have influenced Olafur Eliasson and his work in many different ways. A comparatively new medium in his oeuvre is film, represented here in three works. To round off the exhibition, a selection of monographs and artist books document Eliasson’s many and varied forms of expression.