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Exhibition, 03. October 2009 — 31. January 2010 

Bridget Riley

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Bridget Louise Riley, who today resides in London und Southern France, is considered one of the leading representatives of Op Art (short for “Optical Art” = a direction in modern art which has dealt with the inherent laws of visual perception under the influence of optical illusions since about the middle of the 1950’s). According to the jury the award of the Kaiser Ring 2009 to Bridget Riley honours one of the great artistic personalities of Europe, whose collected works are therewith honoured and their relevance to the present and the future emphasised.

A further jury criteria remarks: “For nearly 50 years the works of Bridget Riley have been among the most impressive contributions to European painting with world influence, exemplified by, for example, the awarding of the Premio Imperiale in Tokyo 2003. Even earlier the catchwords such as “Optical Art” in the l960’s or “Neo-geo” in the l980’s were not sufficient to encompass the artistic approach of the artist; the vitality of her constructivistic works was much more broadly based. The expression „geometric abstraction“ most nearly describes the works. Then toward the end of the 1950’s her works show the experience gained from the earlier application of pointillism, the later still important elements of: „stringency and colour as vehicles to perception of nature and the world“.